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200 Bradford St

200 Bradford St
Historic District Survey information for 200 Bradford St
Architectural Description: 200 Bradford Street is a 1 1/2-story, Astylistic building; the roof is side gable, a corbelled exterior end brick chimney is located on the east side, the exterior is clad in wood shingles and exhibit partial cornice returns, wood frieze and wood corner boards; the fenestration contains paired Prairie-style casement windows, 8-light paired casements with snap-in muntins; the attached 1-story section on the west end of has paired and single 6/6 DHS, and a secondary entrance containing a small plank door and a shed roof supported by knee braces; A pergola and deck extend from the north facade.
Historical Narrative: As per Mary Avellar (1977): "This building is listed on the 1880 map of Provincetown as a stable. It is described in Nancy Paine's Smith's book, "A Book about the Artists" as having been Prince Freedman's barn, which was floated over from the Point although its exact origin is somewhat uncertain, it is clear that it was a barn of some kind. Richard Miller, one of the most successful and noted artists in the period 1900-1930 in Provincetown, made it his home and established his studio in the rear. Both buildings were claimed by N.P. Smith to have been floated over from Long Point. It is quite possible that they were, although verification has not yet been possible. The painter, Irving Marantz bought the home in the ‘50s and has owned it for nearly 20 years. He passed away recently and the house is now owned by his family. Previously owned by Corrigan – a lawyer. Sold to Gabriel Ponek, daughter of Roger Rilleau."
Bibliography and/or References: "A Book about the Artists", Nancy Paine Smith, 1927.
Bradford Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Dwellings, and Historic Districts--Massachusetts--Provincetown
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