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The initial focus of the History Preservation Project was on the wealth of material from the now defunct Provincetown Heritage Museum. Open in 1975 to showcase Provincetown's rich and varied history, the Heritage Museum doors closed permanently to the public in 2002. When possible, material was organized and assessed by subject, and in some cases by donor, but in some instances a document or photograph defied inclusion in existing collections and yet was an important part of Provincetown's history. The Provincetown record of who served in the Rebellion of 1861, Provincetown's first Resident Directory in 1886, and a burial listing of the Winthrop Street Cemetery – Provincetown's oldest existent cemetery – are but a few of the items housed under the collective Stand Alone title. In time, as review of the as yet unassessed material from the Heritage Museum occurs, these stand alone items may migrate and be incorporated into other collections as appropriate, but in the meantime remain house here in a varied and broad ranging assortment for your browsing pleasure and review.

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  • Walkway to Murchinson Estate
    Photograph of the walkway up to the Murchinson Estate from Commercial Street
    Format: Photo
    Subjects: Murchison House, Murchison, Dr. Carl
  • Cape Cod People and Places
    An article by Wanda Burnett, "Cape Cod People and Places" in "The National...
    Format: Text
    Subjects: Art, Cape Cod (Mass.) Description and travel, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Cape Cod houses, Fishermen, Waterfronts, Whaling, Whaling--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History, Wharfs, Hunt, Peter
  • Far North with "Captain Mac"
    An article by Miriam MacMillan, "Far North with 'Captain Mac'", in "The National...
    Format: Text
    Subjects: MacMillan, Donald B., MacMillan, Miriam
  • Cape Cod Where Sea Holds Sway Over Man and Land
    An article by Nathaniel T Kenney, "Cape Cod Where Sea Holds Sway Over Man and Land", in...
    Format: Text
    Subjects: Cape Cod (Mass.) Description and travel, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Cape Cod houses, Schooners, Whalers (Persons), Whaling, Whaling--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History, Kennedy, John F.
  • Obituaries - A though L
    Obituaries A through L from the files of Dan Towler, who loaned the material to Provincetown...
    Format: Text
    Subjects: Death
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