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Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell (1/19/1910 - 10/4/1988), Book 9, Page159

Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell (1/19/1910 - 10/4/1988), Book 9, Page159
Fiftieth anniversary of dedication of Pilgriim Monument with retrospective photo and article of President & Mrs. Taft and son arriving at top of gang-plank, onto Macmillan Wharf. Journalist's text compares President Roosevelt's excitement of laying the cornerstone to the Monument in 1907, to Taft's reluctant duty fulfillment in the follow-up dedication of the Monument in 1910.
Ambassadors, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Dedication Services, Festivals, Harbors--Provincetown--Mass, Historic buildings--Massachusetts-Provincetown, Local government -- Massachusetts -- Provincetown, Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown Advocate, Wharfs, and Railroad Avenue (Provincetown, Mass.)

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